Kim and Jesse’s Chicago Dank Haus wedding was simple, beautiful and sweet.  They’re so lovely and gracious together, such a perfect match.  It seems fitting this loving couple has known each other since grade school!  Jesse had a major crush on pretty Kim, who signed his 7th grade yearbook with  “Dear Jesse, I don’t really know you, but you seem pretty nice. Good luck next year in  8th grade. Have fun over the summer. Maybe I’ll see you around. Love ‘ya, Kim Davis”

My favorite part of their story is, all these years later, Jesse still has the yearbook his future wife signed.

They both got ready inside the same hotel room at the Chicago Waldorf Astoria Hotel, which was such a nice change to photograph at the start of the wedding day!  They were quiet, calm and smiling.  The Dank Haus Chicago is loaded with character, and their family took to the dance floor like it was their own living rooms.  The evening ended with sparklers on the roof under a full moon.

Thank you, Kim and Jesse, for sharing your particularly unique love story with me.  Enjoy your wedding photographs!



The Chicago Waldorf Astoria was a perfect location for Jennifer and Kenneth’s wedding.  Intimate, elegant and full of activity.  Such a fun and truly lovely couple, their positivity is radiated in their family and friends.  I fell in love with photographing this group on the dance floor!  Jennifer and Kenneth joined the floor with their sorority sisters and fraternity brothers and sang beautiful songs, followed by dancing and the most joyous step show I have ever photographed.  Now, I wish every wedding had step shows!

Thanks so much, Jennifer and Kenneth, I wish you continued happiness!

Special thanks to the amazing wedding vendors who made this Waldorf Astoria wedding possible!  Planner: Regine Danielle Events Location: Chicago Waldorf Astoria Event Design: Kehoe Design  Associate Photographer: Thomas Pham Dress: Dimitria’s Bridal Veil: Veronica Scheaffer Custom Bridal DJ: DJ Kel-Win Events Make-Up: Sophia Porter Cake: Cake Chicago Shoes: Christian Louboutin Jewelry: Left Bank Jewelry


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My greatest love and responsibility as a photojournalist is telling someone’s story with photographs.   It’s a terrific relationship when a couple in love trusts you into their life with a camera.  When Eileen and Jonathan asked me to document their wedding, only one month away, I fell in love with them, their courage and their love for each other.  These photographs were taken while Eileen received a chemotherapy treatment at Prentice Women’s Hospital and later at the home she and Jonathan share in Chicago.  I’ve posted Jonathan’s words to accompany my photographs of their story below.  Thank you, Eileen and Jonathan, I’m looking forward to your wedding next month at the Chicago Athletic Association, and thank you for allowing me to document and share your beautiful story.  Please enjoy your photographs.


From Jonathan:
“In January of 2016 Eileen and I got engaged on the snowy beaches of Northern Michigan.  Two months later I would be holding her hand as we received the news that she had Ovarian Cancer.  Parents don’t teach you what to say to your partner when she finds out that she may never have children.  The life we were trying to build, in a blink of an eye, was completely derailed.  In that moment everything came in to focus.  It was amazing how easy it was to let go of everything else.  All of the pettiness in our lives melted away almost instantly.  On March 22nd, 2016 Eileen and I were married in a hospital chapel in front of our immediate family and closest friends.  As soon as the ceremony was over, she went into surgery to have her tumor removed.


The days since have been profoundly difficult, but I’ve found tremendous comfort in the courage, bravery and strength that my wife has demonstrated every day in her battle towards recovery.  She has said to me often that she could never do it without me, and I always tell her that she’ll never have to.  She and I are one, and we’ll fight this together.  Our story is just beginning.”


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  • Kim - Eileen, I am at a loss for words how truly moved I am…..I am in awe of your strength, beauty, and bravery. Jonathan’s words are so beautifully put. The photos really capture the love Btwn you both. I am beyond proud of you….Xoxo love you !!ReplyCancel

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Rebecca and Eric’s Chicago wedding at Revel Fulton Market was in a word, gorgeous.  From the elegant flowers to the candle-lined chuppah, the setting was serene and beautiful, just like the two of them!  Guests received a glass of champagne to sip when they arrived to the ceremony, which is always a plus, and I love what a comfortable atmosphere they created for their wedding day!  Thank you so much, Eric and Rebecca, for allowing me to document your day and I wish you nothing but continued happiness!

Rebecca’s words:

“Eric and I met four years ago at a mutual friend’s BBQ. We had gone to college together but somehow never managed to catch each others’ eye or make an impression until we met almost a decade later. I had just moved to Chicago from New York and Eric had been here for years and immediately became my tour guide to my new city. Together we created our love story as we ate, drank, and explored Chicago together; him showing me all that the city had to offer, and me shedding a new light on and creating new memories for places he had always known.
Our wedding was at its core a celebration – a really great party one might even say! It was important to us to create an atmosphere of joyous celebration and to set the tone for a great night of dancing and letting loose. Champagne is a favorite way to celebrate the important and the mundane moments so we decided everyone should have a glass of bubbles while they witnessed our ceremony in a cocktail style in-the-round setting. It kicked off the celebration before we were even pronounced husband and wife and the good times just kept rolling from there as we got caught up in the industrial rustic setting of bright summer blossoms, strung cafe lights, a black and white checker dance floor, and a wedding band to end all wedding bands. We danced the night away with each other, surrounded by family and friends that feel like family – and it was all I could have ever asked for.”

Anthony Navarro, Wedding Coordinator, Liven It Up Events

Erin Dahl Sellers, Revel Decor

Molly Fennell, Limelight Catering

Associate Photographer: Doug McGoldrick

Entourage, Arlen Music Productions

Bridal Accessories, ElleandJae

Host Hotel: The Four Seasons Chicago


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I stood on a stage, facing 150 of the best wedding photographers in the world. This was the Fearless Conference, and I was speaking to colleagues I have admired for years.

“How many of you go home after a shoot, look through your images, and make yourselves feel terrible about what you shot?” I asked them.

Everyone in the room, it seemed, had a hand in the air.

Our creative world is dominated by storytelling images, moments that become ingrained in our memories and killer portraits. We work hard for 8 or 10 or 15 hours, but portrait hour is still inside our heads. Where will we shoot them, when will we have time to do them and what will the light be like, is a nagging thought while we handle all of the curveballs thrown at us on a wedding day.

I love a great portrait as much as the next creative photographer. Vast landscapes with tiny figures and entwined hands, gritty backdrops with quiet lovers and nighttime scenes with laughing couples, I love them all. But it’s not always guaranteed you’ll get this during a rushed wedding day, which leaves most of us feeling unfulfilled about our storytelling.

Like the other photographers inside this crowded conference room, I would shoot a wedding and silently (or loudly) moan about shots I had missed, moments that weren’t as strong as I had hoped, and portrait sessions that never panned out.

Watching a room full of photographers raise their hands in agreement about feeling negative about their own images made me realize it’s not about the portraits.

“The wedding was great, but we had no time for portraits.” This is a phrase I’ve heard and said countless times.

This only leads me to question, when did capturing moments not be enough?

I’m posting Nicole and Anthony’s wedding at the Bridgeport Arts Center because the wedding was great, but there was no time for portraits. This phrase is something I am happy to let go of in the future.

I actually won two awards from my coverage of this wedding from the Wedding Photojournalists Association. One award-winning photograph was of my clients looking like beautiful china dolls during their reception, and another award was for my photograph of Nicole’s mother’s emotional response to seeing her wedding dress.

Moments should be enough.


Want stronger moments? Let’s work together! My next Moment-Driven Photojournalism Workshop is September 13-14 in downtown Chicago.

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  • WPS - Before I even got half way I thought to myself weddings aren’t about portraits but that was your point. Not all couples love that much attention on them, I know I would HATE it but the day to me is all about those moments that the couple didn’t even know you captured.

    When they look back on these memories and see all those fleeting moments that the photographer captured but they weren’t even aware were happening.

    Portraits are great, don’t get me wrong it is a chance for a wedding photographer to become creative, pause and think but these moments for me are what makes a wedding.ReplyCancel

  • Lina Orsino-Allen - Candice, so much this. Here in the UK we don’t have cocktail hour as such, and taking your clients off for an hour just isn’t the done thing when they have guests to greet, and to be honest, I wouldn’t want to, they have drinking and chatting and laughing to be getting on with. Our standard now is two 10-15 minute sessions during the day if it allows – hey, if we can’t capture them looking in love in ten minutes aren’t there bigger problems here? Sometimes I’m guilty at looking at those epic couple shots and thinking, we never have time for that, and begrudging it, but you are so right, I LOVE shooting moments and that’s ok! Funnily enough, all my favourites from our own wedding are also naturally captured too. Thank you xReplyCancel

  • Erik Shenko - I’m totally agree, thanks for sharing. If we give more importance to moments every thing goes well and we will cover best weddings each time. 🙂ReplyCancel

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