Moment-Driven Photojournalism Workshop

Workshop for Photographers

Join us for our next workshop on April 4-5, 2017!

This intimate workshop (limited to only 10 students) is designed to recharge your photography. If you’re shooting the same thing each week, the same way … I can help. We’ll take an in depth look at your images and help you step outside your comfort zone, try new things, and produce stronger images that your clients will absolutely love.





how to make stronger images, how to capture moments during a portrait session, and how to overcome any anxiety you may experience in documenting and interacting with strangers


a thorough critique of your website images and will leave with an edited portfolio selection of your strongest photographs.


in shooting assignments in downtown Chicago documenting strangers. This is not a “stand around, watching Candice photograph models” session. This is a hands-on workshop – the best way to learn something is to do it yourself!


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Day 1

  • Introductions, leave your egos at the door, we are all together to learn, to try new things, to fail and succeed.
  • I will teach you how to approach a scene, what to look for before hitting the shutter button, and how to get the camera where it needs to be to accurately capture a moment. Bring your notebooks, there will be a ton of information provided.  We will discuss composition, lighting and how to make your clients comfortable in front of the camera, so all you have to do is focus on moments.
  • Shooting exercises. We will shoot moment-driven photographs each day, and critique in class.  Then, we’ll go back out and make your images even stronger!  These aren’t posed images, you will learn how to capture moments while photographing and listening to your subject.  This is a terrific way to step outside your comfort zone, by documenting each other first and then focusing on strangers.  You will leave with the tools necessary to always look for moments, especially during a portrait session, which makes it much easier when your clients ask, “What do you want us to do?”
  • Lunch ( included )
  • Participant critiques.  We will review your images over lunch and discuss how to make them stronger.
  • Shooting exercises. We will document strangers. This isn’t shooting from the hip. You should have a conversation with someone, ask permission to photograph them, then shoot and talk to them at the same time so you capture moments, not posed images.  You will have unlimited opportunities to shoot in a completely different style, try new things and take risks.  Taking a risk, without any client expectations or pressure, is a great way to learn!

Day 2

  • Participant critiques of shooting exercises
  • Lunch ( included )
  • Shooting exercises.  More opportunities to take risks by documenting strangers.
  • ( If there’s time ) Website critiques.  I will edit your website portfolio, and highlight your strongest work.  Let’s take your portfolio to the next level, and make sure each shot has an impact!



fearless photographers workshop



Candice Cusic - Photojournalism Instructor

Why am I the best person to help you improve your photojournalism?


  • I’m a Photojournalist with over 20 years experience, including 11 years as a staff photojournalist for the Chicago Tribune
  • I’ve taught Photojournalism for over a decade at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University
  • Featured speaker at the Foundation Conference, Kansas City in 2010
  • Staff member of Foundation Workshop in 2014 and 2012
  • Featured speaker at the 2015 Fearless Conference in Bucharest, Romania
  • Featured speaker at the 2015 Fearless Conference in Scottsdale, AZ
  • I’ve successfully mentored photographers like you through my one-on-one mentoring program



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Hear What Other Photographers Are Saying:

Candice Cusic Workshop Review 1Candice Cusic Workshop Review 2

Wedding Photojournalism Workshop for Photographers - Testimonial 2

Candice Cusic Workshop Review 3Candice Cusic Workshop Review 4Wedding Photojournalism Workshop for Photographers - Testimonial

Candice is a master of capturing a moment and focusing on what’s really important, leaving all the rest out of the frame. The quality of the content paired with the presentation’s delivery made for one of the best talks I have ever attended if not the best one. – FC2015 Romania Attendee

Her passion for story-telling was readily apparent. Her talk not only drove home the value and importance of photojournalism as a medium for telling a story, but it was peppered with practical, readily-applicable suggestions and tips. I couldn’t help but be moved by the power of the images and stories from her days as a photojournalist for a major metropolitan newspaper. She brings this same passion to her wedding photography and to her teaching.Over the last several years I have turned to Candice for help with editing, website content, and photography. I have benefitted greatly from her wisdom and experience. I have grown as a photographer as a result of her guidance and recommend her workshop to anybody looking to do the same. – FC2010 Kansas City Attendee


Candice’s presentation was my favourite. She is a great teacher and I saw that in her elegant presence, in her nice voice, in the coherence of her presentation, in the logic of her arguments, in the relevant examples, in her talent to make difficult things seem easy. It was a very useful and interesting lesson and I needed that. – FC2015 Romania Attendee

Not only is Candice a strong speaker, but she can deliver great presentations and she truly knows the craft. – FC2015 Romania Attendee

We found Candice’s presentation the most useful of all. It was exactly what we needed to hear, based on our level of photography. She’s not only a great photographer, but also an amazing teacher and speaker. – FC2015 Romania Attendee

Candice is a very good teacher and I really liked her presentation (clear and simple and full of useful information).
– FC2015 Romania Attendee



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I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the Moment Driven workshop, even when Candice took us out of our comfort zone. There is something very liberating when you step into the unknown, or face that which you fear, and find out it’s not nearly as bad as you thought it would be. Through her teaching and practical sessions Candice helped me overcome a hurdle I didn’t even realize was holding me back. My only regret is that I didn’t do this course years ago! I can’t wait to see where my photography goes from here! Thank you, Candice!

-Catherine Pound

Photography workshop attendeeI absolutely loved the whole experience.Candice’s workshop pushed me to think about myself as an independent photographer, as I’m usually part of a team, and to challenge my fears and perceived strengths and weaknesses. By her very nature she gives you the confidence to feel like you can achieve anything which led me to surprise myself! I definitely walked into bride prep at a wedding four days later holding my head a little higher.Candice is also just a joy to spend time with. I would highly recommend this workshop to any photographer!

-Lina Orsino-Allen

workshops for wedding photographers

I went into the Moment Driven Workshop with no expectations, I had never done anything like this before. I was hoping for renewed motivation and fresh way of seeing things and WOW did I get it. I learned tools and techniques to polish an already successful career, stuff I had never really thought about before.Confidence to change the things I am weaker at and a different viewpoint. That sort of stuff is priceless!

-Eve Dunlop


photographer workshopHaving had a few workshops over the past 2 years I found Candice’s to be perfect for my requirements, and my journalistic photography style. She is an excellent teacher and all round epic person. Her concepts and methods were well explained, and she was great at challenging her students. Even those with a lot of experience under their belts!

-Rafe Abrook