CBD for Pets, Is it safe?

The newest information about how CBD can be tolerated and used by pets.

Success stories about pets overcoming various difficulties after using CBD have flooded the internet in recent years. This chemical has been researched and found to be efficient in helping our fluffy friends through difficult times by easing symptoms such as anxiety, seizures, and even cancer.

The Cannabis plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids, two of the most prevalent being CBD and THC. Although these two work together a lot of the time, THC causes a psychoactive high and is harmful to pets, whereas CBD comes with no high and is safe for pets. In fact, it provides many health benefits for physical and mental problems both humans and their pets can experience!  CBD has been proven to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, minimize pain and anxiety, and reduce seizures.


Resources for pet-safe CBD products:

Pet.Releaf Hemp Health-

Pet Releaf offers all natural CBD for both dogs and cats from chews to hemp-oils.


HolistaPet promotes pet health and well-being through their superfood recipes and CBD infused products.


Although this information about CBD for pets is relatively new, and there isn’t an extensive amount of research, you can currently find CBD products in form of oils and treats. Many pet owners, specifically for dogs, have used these products on their dogs and have found that it has helped them tremendously.

The Chicago Cannabis Company sells salmon flavored CBD drops for both dogs and cats! It is as easy as giving it to your pet orally or putting it on their food. It has all natural ingredients, it does not contain any THC and it has been lab tested for purity and potency.

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    CBD for Pets, Is it safe?

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