Chicago Pet Photographer: Yawn of the Week

Winston & Toby

In the morning light, they wake up slow, Stirring from slumber, ready to go. And as they stretch, they let out a sound, A wide, gaping yawn, that’s echoed around.

Their jaws part wide, their tongues unfurl, A long, deep breath, a sleepy swirl. A moment of peace, a moment of calm, A reminder to slow down, to take things in stride.

For dogs are creatures of simple delight, Who find joy in simple things, day and night. And in their yawns, we see a glimpse, Of the love and happiness, that they imprint.

So let us take a cue from our furry friends, And remember to yawn, to let out a sigh. For in those quiet moments, we find the grace, To live life fully, at our own pace.

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    Chicago Pet Photographer: Yawn of the Week

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