Client Story Spotlight: Becca & Stella

How can photography improve your physical and mental health? We are honored to feature Becca and Stella in our client spotlight. Becca not only survived a brutal domestic assault, she saved her rescue dog, Stella, and fled her attacker in the middle of the night. They are incredible survivors, I’m so honored to share their story and photographs here. Becca is one of the strongest women I’ve ever met. Thank you, Becca and Stella for sharing your story with us.

“On January 3, 2021 I was awakened by my malignant narcissist, ex-boyfriend at 4:30 in the morning. He was totally drunk. When I told him to go sleep in another bedroom he proceeded to beat the $hit out of me!

He fractured my hand, fractured my ribs bilaterally, bit me, cut me and bruised me all over my body. I believed in that moment as he had me pinned to the floor in the bedroom that I was going to die and would never see my two precious grandchildren, my son and daughter-in-law again.

God got me up off that floor! I ran out into the early morning darkness in my sleep shirt and my Ugg boots with nothing but my precious rescue dog Stella.

As I was driving aimlessly around the neighborhood, I heard the voice of my loving departed daddy who had passed 25 years earlier. The voice was strong, loud and adamant. I heard, “What are you crying about little girl? Call 9-1-1!!!” So that is exactly what I did.

The next day, I went to court and obtained a plenary order of protection from a judge. Stella and I had three days to move out of the home I had lived in for the past two years.

I contacted Candice shortly thereafter. I wanted to have our photographs professionally documented for our new home. Candice captured the unconditional ❤ Stella and I have for each other!

Every time I look at “Stella’s art wall” in our new home I am so grateful and blessed that I saved her and she saved me.

Candice, thank you for your beautiful photographs! They remind me everyday that I have all I need in God, myself and my loving rescue, Stella!”

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    Client Story Spotlight: Becca & Stella

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