How to choose the best pet photographer for you

Let me first start out by saying…
We may NOT be the right pet photography studio for you. And that’s completely okay!

It is more important to me that you have an amazing experience with a photographer that is the right fit for you than you shoot specifically with me.

Choosing the right family photographer can be confusing! There are many options out there and it can be confusing trying to pick. 

People often make the mistake of only shopping based on price. I know budgeting is important, but there are other key things most people don’t know that they should be considering when choosing the right photographer for them.

Balancing price and all these other factors is key to making sure you and your precious fur baby have the best experience possible. Here are my pointers for choosing the right fit for you and your pet!

1. Find a photographer who specializes in pet photography

Finding a photographer who specializes exclusively in pet photography is important. Not every photographer has the talent or experience needed to work with animals. As much as our pets are wonderful and intelligent, they don’t know what a camera is or why those lights sound angry!
These sorts of shoots require patience and special knowledge on how to best relate to an animal and ensure their comfort and safety is a top priority. 
My top priority is always to create an environment where you and your pet can relax and be captured in a stress-free, natural state. I’ve seen so many photographers who try to shoot it all and don’t understand that each genre is a specialty!
A good way to determine if someone specializes in a specific genre of photography is to hack their portfolio. If their work samples match what you’re looking for, then they’re likely the right fit!

2. Choose someone you and your pet are comfortable with
This is the most important thing you should consider when choosing a pet photographer!
Being comfortable and resonating with your photographer will make your session exciting and fun rather than stressful and nerve-racking. This is a special experience, it should be a good time!
If you are not comfortable or don’t feel like you relate with your photographer, it WILL show in your images. Stress shows up in your poses, facial expressions, and eyes. And unfortunately, no amount of photo editing can get rid of that.
The best thing to do is to meet with your photographer for an in-person consultation. I always ask my clients to bring their pet in for a free studio tour before we shoot so that on shoot day, their animal is already familiar with me and the space.  This always makes the experience tons easier the day of the shoot!

3. Find a photographer whose values align with yours
During your consultation, you will be able to get to know the photographer more and determine if your values align. For example, my values as a photographer are the following:

– Creating a custom experience fitted to your individual needs
– Ensuring my studio is a safe space where my clients can be their authentic selves
– Clear & professional communication
– Delivering the highest quality photography & products, no matter how long it takes

Now, you may be looking for something different and that’s okay! When looking for the right Family Photographer for your family, make sure you do find someone who has values and business principles that align with yours and what are looking for. 

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon! 

Warmly, Candice

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    How to choose the best pet photographer for you

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