Moment-Driven Photojournalism Workshop: LONDON

I just returned from London, where I spoke at the lively and inspiring Nine Dots Gathering, and held my Moment-Driven Workshop: London!  I’m a bit jet lagged at the moment but I wanted to share some photos I made of my students during our workshop.  One of our group exercises was to approach strangers, not pose them, and photograph them while having a conversation.  Some students were bold, some terrified at the thought of talking to strangers and stepping outside their comfort zones.

I could not be prouder of my students, they absolutely accomplished the assignment with flying colors.  Some students even erased a long fear, which is truly empowering. What’s better than watching anyone overcome a fear?  Not much!

Here are some shots of my students photographing strangers, as well as some super quick Moment-Driven portraits I made of each student.

To my students, Maarten Devoldere, Lee Allison, Lina Orsino-Allen, Eve Dunlop, David Stubbs, Karl Tull, Matt Badenoch, Catherine Pound, Matthew Warrington, Rhea Skogen, Rafe Abrook, Jonny Harper: THANK YOU.  You truly inspire me, thank you so much for taking this journey together.


Sign up for the Moment-Driven Workshop: LONDON 2017 May 2-3 2017 in Amersham, Buckinghamshire here!  London photojournalism workshop by Candice Cusic

If you’re shooting the same old things each week in the same old way… I can help.

This two-day shooting workshop will refocus your eye, show you new ways to see and help you step outside your comfort zone.

Ever hesitate to get the camera close?  We will work on this together.  Let’s shoot people who aren’t paying you.  BOOM– now you have freedom to shoot with your own vision, not what clients expect of you.  Let’s shake up your usual routine and try something new!

Internationally award-winning photojournalist Candice C. Cusic will show you her thought process before hitting the shutter, how to capture moments during portrait sessions, how to feel comfortable documenting strangers and how to anticipate and capture moments you will love.

Check out our beautiful location!

London wedding photography workshop by Candice Cusic

Click here for more information!

Thank you, London!  Will see you again very soon!

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Moment-Driven Photojournalism Workshop: LONDON

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